Comment 8 for bug 369471

Gerrit (dabang) wrote :

I think things are getting mixed up here:
some of you obviously needed to rename/delete "/usr/lib/googleearth/" to make GE work. In my originally reported bug it was the other way round: Ubuntu's "googleearth-package" built a package where "/usr/lib/googleearth/" was already renamed to "/usr/lib/googleearth/". With this setup on Ubuntu Intrepid AMD64 the above mentioned error appeared and GE refused to start. Renaming "/usr/lib/googleearth/" to "/usr/lib/googleearth/" solved my problem.
So, wijit, Nick Hall, chappejw and sojourner seem to have another problem. I guess it would be interesting which version of Google Earth you are running and did you use googleearth-package to build a Debian package? I know this is a problem with GE itself, but googleearth-package provided a fix which - at least in my case - would not be necessary any more.