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Bug #427833 reported by Loïc Minier on 2009-09-11
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gnome-web-photo (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: gnome-web-photo



available on all arches


netbook-launcher, the UNR full screen application launcher, allows user to maintain web favourites / bookmarks in the launcher; they are added by drag-n-drop on an applet (go-home-applet). This package would allow generating thumbnails for web favourites added in this way. There is a short overview and discussion of the features (or missing features) in bug #425464.

            CVE entries
    Secunia history

None; this is using xulrunner though and is expected to be impacted by the same issues as xulrunner/firefox but the issues will be fixed in xulrunner as usual.

          * Any binaries running as root or suid/sgid ? Any daemons ?


          * Network activity: does it open any port ? Does it handle incoming network data ?
          * Does it directly (not through a library) process binary (video, audio, etc) or structured (PDF, etc) data ?

Absolutely; it processes web pages to output a screenshot. This is using xulrunner so it's probably as vulnerable/secure as firefox in Ubuntu.

          * Any source code review performed ? (The approver will do a quick and shallow check.)

Just a quick check done, not a real security review

      Quality assurance:
          * In what situations does the package not work out of the box without configuration ?


          * Does the package ask any debconf questions higher than priority 'medium' ?

No debconf-age

            Debian bugs: (mention any that are particularly relevant, and any showstoppers)
            Maintenance in Debian is frenetic/vigorous/calm/dead ?
while there is an interested Debian person working on the package, it's apparently not in Debian

            Upstream is frenetic/vigorous/calm/dead ?

calm, development seems to be mostly complete; last release in June 2009 so decently recent.

            Upstream bug tracker: (mention any particularly relevant or critical)

*cough* none found; I think it's relatively low volume. ChangeLog mentions some Novell bugzilla bugs have been resolved. The upstream maintainer, chpe, is a GNOME figure and probably can be easily contacted to escalate issues.

DOAP file says:
  <bug-database rdf:resource="mailto:epiphany-list%40gnome.org" />

          * Hardware: Does this package deal with hardware and if so how exotic is it ?


          * Is there a test suite in the upstream source or packaging ? Is it enabled to run in the build ?


      UI standards:
          * User-visible strings are internationalized using standard gettext system ?


          * Package with translatable strings builds a PO template during package build ?

Yes (CDBS gnome.mk)

          * End-user applications ship a desktop file ?


      Standards compliance:
            FHS, Debian Policy compliance ?


          * Packaging system (debhelper/cdbs/dbs) ? Patch system ? Any packaging oddities ?

CDBS + simple-patchsys; nothing fancy

          * Are these all in main ?

          * How much maintenance is this package likely to need ? (Simple packages may largely take care of themselves; complex packages will need dedicated developers paying attention to them.)

Very little; perhaps triaging some xulrunner crashes from time to time

          * Who is responsible for monitoring the quality of this package and fixing its bugs ? Are they Ubuntu or Debian developers ?

Couple of universe contributors and now the UNR Developers team; the Ubuntu UNR team might also assist.

          * Who is the package bug contact in Ubuntu? (Needs one if its a nontrivial package which does not fully maintain itself through Debian)

None; UNR developers are sub-ed to bugmail

     Background information:
          * The general purpose and context of the package should be clear from the package's debian/control file. If it isn't then please explain.

See top description: taking screenshots of bookmarked web sites for UNR.

          * What do upstream call this software ? Has it had different names in the past ?

No, just gnome-web-photo

          * Are graphical applications translatable? Do they support gettext?


There's a warning during build with ignoring the return code of nice which I think is harmless.

I'm unhappy with the wrapper script, see bug #427817, asac might help us get this resolved.

Bug #425464 mentions other imperfections but IMHO nothing serious.

Loïc Minier (lool) wrote :

Given the connection with xulrunner and the fact that he already had a look anyway, I'm assigning this MIR to asac :-)

Changed in gnome-web-photo (Ubuntu):
assignee: nobody → Alexander Sack (asac)

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 12:13:12PM -0000, Loïc Minier wrote:
> Given the connection with xulrunner and the fact that he already had a
> look anyway, I'm assigning this MIR to asac :-)

gnome-web-photo currently uses internal libxul symbols which is a bad
idea to move to main (even worse than libmozjs.so).

I started to work on trying a few approaches. will hopefully get a
clear understanding if its possible to use only properly exported
symbols by mid of week.

 - Alexander

Loïc Minier (lool) wrote :

Deferring to karmic+1

Changed in gnome-web-photo (Ubuntu):
milestone: none → later
assignee: Alexander Sack (asac) → nobody
Alexander Sack (asac) wrote :

i didnt really come to a real fix for this .... gecko just doesnt offer a good API for what gnome-web-photo does ... guess that should move to webkit.

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson) wrote :

I tried looking at this too but it isn't really going to work (see my comment in bug 427817)). In addition to that, this project is totally dead upstream now

Micah Gersten (micahg) wrote :

This might be possible again, I just filed Bug #724701 to update gnome-web-photo to 0.10 where it's been ported to webkit.

Szymon Scholz (quomoow) on 2016-12-17
Changed in gnome-web-photo (Ubuntu):
status: New → Incomplete
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