Comment 3 for bug 99521

Peter Berry (pwberry) wrote :

I haven't installed Intrepid yet so I can't say. I do have something related to say about it in Hardy though. df says / has 21 GB (49%) used, 22 GB available. /dev/sda3 (my Windows partition) is mounted at /media/sda3, and df says it has 27 GB (92%) used, 2.4 GB available. baobab apparently ignores the fact that /media/sda3 is a different filesystem, adds together 21 and 27 to get 48, and thinks / is therefore full. It also says at the top "used: 67.4 GB available: 50.5 GB" thus contradicting itself. Seems the problem is more general than just bind mounts, it just doesn't know about mount points at all!