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Bug #1922839: Opening new tab in gnome-terminal launched from nautilus loses most environment variables Medium New 9 weeks

From: Matthew Ruffell
Link: lp1922839_hirsute.debdiff

gnome-terminal debdiff for hirsute

Bug #1775329: Feature request: Add a handler for CVE URLs Low Triaged 158 weeks

From: Alex Murray
Link: gnome-terminal_3.28.1-1ubuntu1.2.debdiff

Debdiff against current bionic version adding this feature

Bug #1245473: Binding ctrl+shift, alt+shift, etc for switching keyboard layout makes shortcuts with ctrl+shift, etc not working in any program Undecided Confirmed 170 weeks

From: Norbert
Link: freedesktop-bug-865.patch

Patch for Bionic Beaver 18.04 LTS, it fixes the problem

Bug #1226962: Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) not functional in some cases in non-latin keyboard layouts High Triaged 300 weeks

From: Roman Shipovskij
Link: non-latin-shortcuts.patch


Bug #1453991: gnome-terminal ignores the command line options --name and --class Undecided Confirmed 310 weeks

From: Simon Arlott
Link: 0001-Pass-class-value-to-gnome-terminal-server-so-that-wi.patch


Bug #883972: gnome-terminal-prefs documentation is outdated Low Triaged 480 weeks

From: PeteGordon
Link: 883972-colour-effect-change.patch


Bug #392175: Implement gnome-terminal activity monitor feature Wishlist Triaged 542 weeks

From: Jahrome
Link: 02_notifications.patch


Bug #213830: Terminal : don't resize the background picture Wishlist Triaged 561 weeks

From: Eiichi Sato
Link: 03457-Added-background-image-scaling-.patch

added background image scaling (rev2)

Bug #99978: gnome-terminal has no ability to disable close button on tabs Wishlist Triaged 653 weeks

From: Alexander Butenko
Link: terminal-tab-label.c.patch


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