Comment 15 for bug 630383

Hi, I have this issue and it is on Unity Ubuntu 10.10 using the gnome-terminal.
I filed this bug under Unity and it was marked as a Duplicate to here.

Now this bug is being ignored and marked at low since it is only being seen by people running Unity.

1. Can this bug be moved back to Unity instead of Gnome-terminal where it will receive proper attention.

2. I feel this bug is much worse than low priority. I am not aware of Ubuntu's bug policy, but would guess that a key feature of the most fundamental application any Unix os runs should be considered higher priority.

I am starting to wonder if I am the only person using Unity or maybe no one using it cares about the terminal. A netbook with a terminal to ssh into a powerful server makes a pretty strong weapon. It is too bad the terminal is trying to be replaced out of fear...excuse my random rant, but seriously this is a deal breaker for a computer IMO. The terminal is broken it, does not get more fundamental than that.