Comment 4 for bug 430425

Carlyle Smith (csezent) wrote :

Actually, I cannot give you a screen shot because the problem has to do with the
Intel 8150E chipset integrated video. That is, with the integrated video, trying to
use the Synaptics Package Manager results in the screen freeze as indicated in
the problem description, and (obviously) no screen shot can be taken with the
Screen Shot applicaton.
On the other hand, a screen shot with the integrated video would give no new
information on the Gnome Terminal behavior or on the mouse pointer behavior
than that described above.
It is clear that the problem is with Ubuntu recognizing and loading appropriate
drivers for the i815E chipset integrated driver, since the Jaton card with S3 3D
video chip works perfectly, without having to reinstall Ubuntu. A card with the
Intel 740 chip also works perfectly.
So I am not going to engage in a profitless activity when the problem is with
the driver for the integrated video.
What else can I do?