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Roger (collroger) wrote : Update g-t 3.36 version to solve --wait issue(bionic)

Dear Maintainers,

We have developed a program that it launches a new gnome-terminal with a ssh tunnel connection. Basically, the program forwards a local port to the destination address and opens a new terminal with a ssh connection to the local port:

gnome-terminal -e "/usr/bin/ssh -o XXX -p XXX ubuntu@"

The problem comes when we need to know when this gnome-terminal session has finished, in order to end the tunnel process. As you might know, the gnome-terminal command fires up gnome-terminal-server which it might be already running. Who handles the "ssh" connection is the gnome-terminal-server and not the gnome-terminal command, thus our program receives and exit code just after executing the previous command.

In previous version there was the --disable-factory option, but unfortunately now is deprecated. Because of this type of problem it was added the --wait flag which was introduced in 3.27.1:

gnome-terminal --wait -e "/usr/bin/ssh -o XXX -p XXX ubuntu@"

Nevertheless, there's a bug in this version. More information:

You can reproduced by launching a new gnome-terminal with the --wait flag from a gnome-terminal session and try to close it via a window operation. In that version --wait only works if with the exit command in the opened session.

As mentioned in the linked URL this is solved in version >= 3.36 which also uses a new vte version (libvte-2.91-dev_0.60.1). I have seen that there are multiple issues referring the --disable-factory deprecated option, those could be closed as the new --wait option has the same behavior.

Could we update the bionic gnom-terminal 3.28 to >= 3.36 version?

ProblemType: Bug
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 18.04
Package: gnome-terminal 3.28.1-1ubuntu1
Architecture: amd64