Comment 7 for bug 1721412

Egmont Koblinger (egmont-gmail) wrote :

Here's the PCRE2 removal patch updated to 0.50.2 / current vte-0-52.

Please review, test if works correctly, and if does then please apply and upgrade to vte-0.50.x and gnome-terminal-3.26.x.

The only nontrivially conflicting upstream patch was "widget: Provide a way to copy the selection to clipboard as HTML". The easy way to do the merging was to first revert this on top of 0.50.2, then apply Ubuntu's "revert-pcre2" patch belonging to 0.48, and then re-apply HTML copy-paste, and finally do some one-off fixes (like the complete removal of the "word" variable which was accidentally still present in upstream 0.48 and removed in upstream 0.50, and converting "row_text" from gchar* to GString*).

I've tested compiling "normally" (it still links against pcre2 - you're probably not interested in it), as well as --without-pcre2 which compiles and works fine too, and I've verified with ldd that pcre2 is indeed not linked.

I've also verified that the package works together with Artful's gnome-terminal{,-data} 3.24.2 packages (and correctly underlines URLs on hover), plus gnome-terminal 3-26 compiles and runs fine against it, and its regex unittests also pass.

I've compiled everything manually though, not using Ubuntu's build system. This shouldn't make a difference.