Comment 10 for bug 1721412

Here's a teaser with some of the new features that hopefully really make it worth upgrading (apart from the usual bunch of bugfixes):

0.50 / 3.26:
- explicit hyperlinks (e.g. "ls --hyperlinks" if coreutils upgrades to 8.28)
- copy to clipboard in HTML with attributes (or plain text, the user's choice)
- improved URL recognition

0.52 / 3.28:
- double underline, curly underline, and overline text decorations
- colored normal/double/curly underline (e.g. for spell checking)
- blinking text
- option to disable extra brightness of bold text, mostly for the Solarized theme
- optional extra line spacing and character spacing for accessibility
- improved handling of --tab command line option
- even further improved URL recognition