Comment 3 for bug 99276

Andre M (maroneze-a) wrote :

Similar situation occurs when an user is deleted and re-added.

Suppose you add a user "newuser" using the System -> Administration -> Users and Groups. The user is successfully created.
Then you decide to remove the user, and it is successfully removed.
Then, if you add user "newuser" again, the creation dialog works just like before, and the user shows up in the list, but it is not created. Indeed, closing and opening again the Users and Groups dialog will not show this user, nor will it be available as login.

In order to make it work again, it is needed to click on "Manage Groups" in the "Users settings" dialog, then manually remove the group "newuser". After that, it is possible to create the user successfully using the graphical interface.

However, as noted above, there are no messages indicating any errors.