Comment 2 for bug 138955

Roger Binns (ubuntu-rogerbinns) wrote :

Yes I did, but why should I have to keep babysitting these things - they have billions of cycles per second. The upgrade script could easily have figured out that Samba wasn't running hence restarting it is pointless. And I happen to know what Samba is. In the rest of the interfaces it is presented as "Folder sharing".

I don't remember the specifics but something similar happened to me with Feisty. I didn't want any network accessible services running on my laptop. I installed Battle for Wesnoth which then installed and ran a daemon not needed for single player game play. I promptly when in and disabled it. And then an upgrade happened and it was re-enabled/re-started again.

This whole issue could probably be addressed by making invoke-rc.d more intelligent. For example it could not start programs that don't have /etc/rc?.d links.