Comment 46 for bug 1748450

Benjamin Schmid (benbuntu) wrote :

@vanvugt Seeing this VERY regularly in cosmic, too. Just came back here to re-check the status of this long-term annoying issue.

The fact is, that gnome shell provides me a VERY poor UX experience:

Logged out for the session more than 10mins? Type your password and go get take a coffee, because it literally takes 1-2 minutes until the session finally crashes and restarts. Before my PC it literally unusable. Sometimes I also switch to the login screen and re-login into my running session to somehow provoke the crash to get it usable.

Ah – and by the way: On some occassions lockscreen does not work and expose the clickable (!) left sidebar. In this case I only can unlock via the login-screen way to crash the session.

Also commonly in normal operation the left sidebar looks strangely sized. Then I need to type "r" to restart the shell to resume normal operation.

Feels really like an old, nearly dying device …