Comment 30 for bug 1748450

I usually use Xorg and sometimes crash when started, but with no visual
effect. I tried to use wayland but gdm restarts for no apparent reason. I
will try collect log about this.

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Ricardo Siqueira Oliveira Leite
Engenheiro de Software
Campinas - SP
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2018-04-03 5:52 GMT-03:00 Daniel van Vugt <email address hidden>:

> Actually the login screen is using eglnative, which has Xwayland running
> in the background. Same as a Wayland session.
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> Title:
> gnome-shell crashed with SIGTRAP in _g_log_abort() from
> g_log_default_handler() from default_log_handler(message="Connection
> to xwayland lost") from g_logv() from g_log() from <bug 1505409>
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