Comment 34 for bug 1705369

My pc .... ASUS GL753V Core I7 7700 Video GeForce 1050 NVidia
Same p had artful 17.10 ubuntu before but dont work with X org video server but works with nvidia driver 375.82 ... Problem : all commands ok BUT noway to parameter gamma, contrast ... I used command xgamma - gamma 0.5 or another value but dont work. I put cairo desktop on with "luminosite" command (I am french)... Dont work too. This way (xgamma, cairo lum. seems not working on nvidia pilote driver but only on X org video serverdriver
The intel prime profile dont work too and crash pc... Hot temp on gpu and Fan hot works !
For info : goods work on version and no generic upgrade possibility

I am not an expert command line but i like copy/past using since forum (i used ubuntu since 8... Version) So if you have soluce using copy/past on monitor system that's good for me...