Comment 85 for bug 969359

Ubuntu 12.04 with all current updates applied (as of July 2, 2012, 0:00 GMT).

Removing the file

is a workaround, but when you do it a number of things stop working.

For example, you cannot change the keyboard autorepeat rate.

Also, I have a Trendnet KVM that uses the NumLock LED state to detect a switch command (you press NumLock twice and the KVM switches to the other PC). With the workaround the switch does not respond anymore to the double NumLock command.

However, I think there is a workaround that does NOT exhibit these problems.

Just replace the content of the file mentionned above with this:

[GNOME Settings Plugin]
Description=Keyboard plugin
Copyright=Copyright © 2007

In other words, you remove all the translated "name" and "description" attributes and just keep the English ones. Naturally you must do this as root.

Then reboot (or maybe just restart gnome-settings-daemon).

Suddenly everything works fine, at least that is what I notice here, and it looks stable so far.

I suggest the developpers look into 3 possibilities:
- The original file is too long (buffer overflow?).
- The international characters in the original file cause some problem.
- I'm wrong. But keep on looking into this issue please!

// Christophe