Comment 89 for bug 950160

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :


Fn+F1 on Dells actually sends Super+P. However I don't know if some models send it as a quick Super+P tap or the virtual keys are held for the duration of Fn+F1. But the point is that "Fn+something" is not a real key. It maps either directly to some hardware feature or to some other real combo like Super+P. You may well get a quick tap of Super+P when Fn+F1 is pressed.

The two features we have for avoiding false taps are:
  1. Reliable tap detection in Compiz. This has to be turned off in order to fix this bug :(
  2. Key press timing in Unity. If Super is down too long then ignore it.
So #2 is all we have left.