Comment 19 for bug 331311

@Chris I agree it's hackish, but all inheriting does is look for icons missing in a theme in the listed themes. I don't see how any adverse effect are possible. As a default Ubuntu desktop already includes both themes, this will not pull in any extra dependencies. If for some reason some one wants to uninstall Human, it is only a Recommends for Gnome. They can do so and just have the current behavior.

@Bruce Nearly every icon theme for Gnome already inherits gnome-icon-theme. On my machine, adding an inherit on Human fixes this issue for every theme I have installed (those installed with a default Ubuntu desktop and a number of third party themes). I do not use the Human or Gnome icon themes myself. As far as to why the icons are in the Human theme as opposed to being part of OSD Notify, I can't read the minds of those who made it but I imagine that they wish to eventually get these icons to become a part of the icon theme spec instead of hard coding their specific icons. Using the method I proposed will allow individual themes to add their own notification-* icons if they please. When they do, they will be used instead as soon as the updated theme is installed.

My only motivation is to see the desktop experience not be degraded. Instead of simply criticizing the short comings of the project, I'm attempting to provide a temporary solution. The fix I propose will display the icons for nearly every icon theme used by adding a very minimal patch to only one package. The way I see it, the most correct fix would be for notification-* icons to be added to the icon theming spec and suitable notification-* icons to be submitted to at least Gnome. Once that happens, the patch should be dropped. If that is feasible before the release of Jaunty, then there is no reason to use my patch.