Comment 26 for bug 1218322

I confirm the bug with the current Saucy.
Using gnome-tweak-tool makes the keyboard switched using XKB, which isn't quite good. Currently Ubuntu relies on iBus, if i'm not mistaken? Therefore the gnome-tweak-tool workaround is not OK, as the indicator doesn't notice any layout changes then.

Which is more, after the yesterday's update I cannot change the layout even with Super+Space any more! No reasonable working hotkey left! So far I'm sticking to Shift+Alt and ignore the indicator.

By the way, why using the indicator which doesn't work?
1) Layout switching in the command-line interface is done ONLY with XKB! We should somehow keep the layout changing hotkeys in XKB similar to the ones used in GUI, shouldn't we?
2) For now, XKB works fine, while the indicator fails. Maybe the indicator should rely on XKB, or at least track the layout change in XKB?