Comment 72 for bug 1251281

  Did reasonably extensive testing last night of the proposed fix for
I believe that my results are very similar to Xavier: after I installed all
updates related to this bug from trusty-proposed repository (pre-released)
I couldn't start remote X2go session at all. In /var/log/messages I found
information about segfault in libgnome-desktop-3-7:

Apr 1 05:17:12 marina-net /usr/bin/x2goruncommand: launching session
with Xsession-x2go mechanism, using STARTUP="gnome-session
--session=gnome-flashback --disable-acceleration-c\
Apr 1 05:17:20 marina-net kernel: [ 1747.973711] gnome-session[7806]:
segfault at 18 ip 00007fc4c3952196 sp 00007fff7f38a820 error 4 in[7fc4c3930000+3\

  It appears that libgnome-desktop-3-7 wasn't update since July of 2014
and its
version was 3.8.4-0ubuntu3. So I installed updates from
repository according to Xavier instructions, which includes updating
libgnome-desktop-3-7. After update the version of libgnome-desktop-3-7
became 3.8.4-0ubuntu4. Actually it updated 16 other packages as well at
that time. After this update everything began working very well.
  So my conclusion is that the fix in the trusty-proposed repository as
it stands
there right now is not helpful at all, but the version in
repository works fine.

Thank you,

On 01.04.15 03:30, Xavier wrote:
> thanks for the info (and your work, all) to fix this issue and provide workarounds in the meantime.
> Ubuntu LTS and the ecosystem around it (launchpad, repos, community, etc) rock! :-)