Comment 39 for bug 1251281

Importance Critical as it fits the following criteria:
+ "A bug which has a severe impact on a large portion of Ubuntu users" -> Anyone using Unity, gnome-shell, gnome3, etc.
+ "Renders the system temporarily or permanently unusable." Not being able to remote in via all the applicable remote access protocols renders Ubuntu largely useless at the workstation level for enterprises (as well as those setting up home LANs), as they cannot provide the expected remote support.
+ "Severely affects applications beyond the package responsible for the root cause." Not being able to remotely connect to Ubuntu would fit this criteria. While one may use Kubuntu, or Xubuntu as a WORKAROUND, this would not help those folks who have to disrupt their environments (re-install/change desktop environments) to obtain this outcome, or who want to retain their 5 year support on an LTS in the case of Xubuntu.

As this has been fixed upstream as per attachment , this should at least be given an opportunity to test in the Proposed repository to see if it resolves our issue here in Ubuntu.