Comment 7 for bug 762058

Yfrwlf (yfrwlf) wrote :

This is also happening in Linux Mint 11, since it's based on Ubuntu 11.04. Some notes:

Seems to only happen after the power saver is engaged (screensaver was disabled).

Temporarily fixed by switching to a different TTY.

Temporarily fixed by reloading the window manager, or by switching window managers (with Compiz Fusion icon), but issue exists in both Compiz and Metacity.

Sometimes right clicking on panel, using the keyboard, clicking on menus, etc, will make certain other things work, or all things, but shortly after it "gums up" again i.e. stops responding.

I even bought a new mouse since first experiencing this (not because of the bug, but because I wanted a different one), and the problem remains.

Can't someone give any help as to something to test? I know there is a command-line program to listen for input device commands for instance, and was wondering if there were any programs to find out how many windows there are on the screen, or what window is being clicked on, or what X is doing when there is a click, etc? Some sort of debugging tool.