Comment 36 for bug 263211

Florent Viard (fviard) wrote :

I'm also affected by this bug with ubuntu 9.10.
Maybe it goes faster to trigger in my case as I have 2 monitors.

It could be related to kdelibs as i installed them to be able to use Kate.
And I noticed that kate used 1 client connection for each file opened as a tab in my kate window.
Closing a kate with 3 tabs reduced my xlsclients | wc -l from 44 to 38 removing 4 kates and 2 knotify4.

Isn't there a tweak to change xlsclients max value ? Because 56 looks really small regarding all the mandatories applications in my ubuntu system:

user-desktop kate
user-desktop gnome-session
user-desktop gnome-settings-daemon
user-desktop seahorse-daemon
user-desktop notify-osd
user-desktop gnome-panel
user-desktop nautilus
user-desktop trashapplet
user-desktop update-notifier
user-desktop gdu-notification-daemon
user-desktop tracker-applet
user-desktop gnome-volume-control-applet
user-desktop gnome-power-manager
user-desktop nm-applet
user-desktop bluetooth-applet
user-desktop polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1
user-desktop gtk-window-decorator
user-desktop indicator-applet-session
user-desktop indicator-applet
user-desktop evolution-alarm-notify
user-desktop gstm
user-desktop thunderbird-bin
user-desktop xchat
user-desktop gnome-terminal
user-desktop putty
user-desktop firefox-bin
user-desktop '<unknown>'
user-desktop kded4
user-desktop kded4
user-desktop '<unknown>'
user-desktop knotify4
user-desktop knotify4
user-desktop '<unknown>'
user-desktop kwalletd
user-desktop kwalletd
user-desktop gedit
user-desktop LaCieNetworkAssistant
user-desktop grdc
user-desktop gnome-screensaver
user-desktop '<unknown>'
user-desktop kate
user-desktop kate
user-desktop kate
user-desktop kate