Comment 0 for bug 1739797

Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

gnome-python-desktop was recently removed from Debian Testing since it is GNOME2 tech that has been unmaintained for years. I'm filing this bug since I don't think we should ship gnome-python-desktop in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and it may take quite a while before gnome-python-desktop is removed from Debian Unstable.

$ reverse-depends src:gnome-python-desktop
* gallery-uploader (for python-gnomekeyring)

* aws-status (for python-gnomekeyring)
* dissy (for python-rsvg)
* gdevilspie (for python-wnck)
* hamster-applet (for python-wnck)
* memaker (for python-rsvg)
* python-sugar-toolkit (for python-rsvg)
* winswitch (for python-rsvg)
* xword (for python-wnck)

$ reverse-depends -b src:gnome-python-desktop
* branding-ubuntu (for python-rsvg)
* humanity-icon-theme (for python-rsvg)
* ubuntu-themes (for python-rsvg)

Oh, those Build-Depends look bad. :(