Comment 50 for bug 121487

Cal wrote:
> Thanks nowshining your .deb got me over this problem. It would be nice
> to see an official fix for this.

So true. Its a bordering on ridiculous that there's been no official fix
checked in yet, especially since a fix has already provided. Do they
think that having a broken gnome-ppp dialer for so long without a fix is
going to endear Ubuntu to newcomers? Is this what Ubuntu users can
expect-if the bug isn't a security bug, the fix will not come until the
next Ubuntu release? Sorry for being so blunt, but this bug been unfixed
for way too long and is apparently just being ignored. If I were a
newcomer who had been enticed by the Ubuntu sales pitch to try it, but
didn't have the skills to patch and compile the fixed code myself, I'd
have already moved on to another OS choice. If Ubuntu really intends to
attract those non-geek Windows users over to Ubuntu, it needs to rethink
how it deals with these kinds of bugs in a timely manner.