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nowshining (nowshining) wrote :

Bhawns ur computer is 64bit which i don't think so however u can try and see if it works - or follow the following instructions...

Note: u also need both checkinstall - for u to build a 64-bit version deb file so u can share urself to others & libglade development files (libgladedev or whatever found in synaptic), and lastly g++ which is found in synaptic and make sure u got all sources enabled in software sources.

download(right-click and save as):


unzip/untar and again as it's double tared up..

take the file gnome-ppp-wvdial.c and move it into the gnome-ppp untared folder and into the src folder.

open up a terminal and cd to the directory where u downloaded the gnome-ppp untared file and cd into the folder.

at the terminal type

if u get any errors report them here, u most likely need dev. files if not continue:

then type at the termina the next


okay at this next step we are going to install with checkinstall and follow the following website to finish up, then just attach it as a file when ur done. :)

NOTE:for checkinstall -D make install and running as root just add sudo in front of it.

The finished deb file will be in the untared folder of gnome-ppp that I discussed above.

it's already installed just to finish up

sudo make clean

and now ur done, now u can find the gnome-ppp untared folder find the gnome-ppp deb file and move it or copy it somewhere, and then under comments attach it under include an attachment :) ...

I hope i explained this well..any questions just ask..