Comment 0 for bug 736606

Binary package hint: gnome-power-manager

I want to connect my laptop to a monitor and then close the laptop lid, so that I can continue using my laptop with the display routed to the monitor. For doing so, I open the power management window and try to set the "When laptop lid is closed" option to "Do Nothing". However this option is simply not available. The only options available are "Shutdown", "Hibernate", 'Suspend" & "Blank Screen". The "Blank Screen" option is not suitable in this case, as it causes my monitor to display a blank screen on closing the laptop lid.

Steps to reproduce:
Control Center -> Power Management -> Check the options under "When laptop lid is closed" (for both "On AC Power" and "On Battery Power" tabs)

Manually set the values of 'lid_ac" and/or "lid_battery" to "nothing", as described in

System configuration:
    Samsung netbook
    Ubuntu 10.10

Package version:
        Installed: 2.32.0-0ubuntu1
       Candidate: 2.32.0-0ubuntu1