Comment 16 for bug 578542

Phillip Susi (psusi) wrote :

It looks like gnome-power-manager is not used to handle suspend any more. Indicator-session appears to directly lock the screen, kick off the screen saver, and ask UPower to transition the system to sleep mode. I can not see any dbus interface being exported by g-p-m to even ask it to suspend, so I guess that interface must have been removed. It does appear to still suspend when it decides the system has been idle long enough to auto suspend.

I think that the gpm interface needs put back and indicator-session needs fixed to call on it instead of handling the locking/screen saver and UPower calls itself. Either that or it needs to only call UPower, and if g-p-m wants to lock the screen then it should monitor for the Suspending signal UPower emits.