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Konstantin Lavrov (lacosta) wrote :

Today I search in newest bugs for gnome-power-manager and found several similar cases.

At least those new bugs sound very similar.

I decided to post here what I discover till now.

There are laptops that have enormous peak in energy consumption while being plug to or unplugged from AC power.

Look at screenshoot from gnome-power-statistic: energy-rate is more then 0,7kW

When cable was unplugged calculated time-to-empty is wrong and very small. But g-p-m reacts on this event and do what is set in prefs.

To avoid suspend or hibernating I turn off time policy:
gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/gnome-power-manager/general/use_time_for_policy false

 In this case 'Critical low battery' event not happen because percentage is correct. But 'Battery discharging' notification still shows wrong minutes and right percentage: 1 minute of battery power remaining (99%)

Actually this energy-rate jump not g-p-m related (I filled bug 531190 against upower), but anyway this behavior of g-p-m is very annoying.

And it was not so with hal