Comment 18 for bug 289322

Flávio Etrusco (etrusco) wrote :

The original poster says:

> As a second step, it then uses cpu load as an additional measure.
> This is great for determining when to suspend or hibernate. But it is
> counter intuitive for turning off the display. There are a large number
> of bugs filed againt g-p-m for display blanking issues: not working at
> all, intermittent failure, other stuff. I believe it is because of the cpu
> criteria that no one is expecting.

AFAICS this is exactly the bug I'm proving.
However I'm confusing the terminology myself. When I said "dimming", I meant that the display was completely off, and actually seemingly with DPMS and not just with backlight off. BTW dimming seems to be working perfectly BTW (not affected by CPU).