Shutdown interface slow to load

Bug #146480 reported by Evan Huus on 2007-09-28
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gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

In gutsy beta, when clicking on the gnome panel applet or the menu item to bring up the interface for selecting logout, restart, shutdown, etc. the first time every boot is extremely slow.

While x continues to work (mouse moves), gnome and all open apps appear frozen for about 20-30 seconds before the ui loads and the rest of the screen dims. It then works fine. If you click cancel and load it again, it works normally.

Evan Huus (eapache) wrote :

After further testing, it appears that this is a problem with the gnome-power-manager. When I had a normal Feisty install, I removed the Power Manager option from my Sessions because I have a desktop, and I never use hibernate or suspend.

In gutsy, when the power-manager is not loaded on login, this problem occurs. If cancel is selected and the power button clicked again, it comes up at normal speed, but it has the buttons for suspend and hibernate. The problem disappears if the power-management process is loaded upon login.

To reproduce:
- under Systems > Preferences > Sessions, remove Power Management.
- reboot and login
- immediately after login and before running other processes that may trigger the start of gnome-power-management, select System > Quit

I assume that this is some sort of thing where it requests a reply from gnome-power-management and won't do anything until it times out, thereby freezing gnome.

Rafael Jannone (rafael-jannone) wrote :

I can confirm this bug, has been happening to me since I upgraded from Feisty.
Still happens every time I click the logout button.

Jesús García Sáez (blaxter) wrote :

This bug still exists in 8.04!, in 7.10 it takes (in my computer) about 4-10seg to show up the window for logout/restart/etc... (i don't think it could be a bug), but now when i've upgraded to hardy this time has been increased to 60-80 seg!

@eapache, thanks for your solution, really appreciate

Murray Cumming (murrayc) wrote :

I haven't had this problem before Hardy, but it's not very obvious in Hardy. It's also about 1 minute for me. I have it on both my laptop and my desktop PC, both upgraded from Gutsy.

Most significantly, it doesn't show the Suspend or Hibernate buttons at first (after that 1 minute wait), but canceling and doing it again shows the dialog very quickly and then shows Suspend and Hibernate. I think this must be a big clue.

Saivann Carignan (oxmosys) wrote :

This bug is a duplicate of bug 123078 whichi is already confirmed and not yet fixed. You can find potential workarounds in the bug description.

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