Comment 49 for bug 204775

johanpdx (johanpdx) wrote :

After updating today, I still experience this bug. Left-clicking on gnome-panel clock causes panels (top and bottom) to freeze to left-click selections, while still permitting right-click menu selections. Shutdown icon unresponsive. Desktop switcher unresponsive. Eyeballs continue to track cursor! Ctrl-alt-del eventually shuts down; it's faster to go into terminal mode to do that. Doesn't matter if evolution is active or not. All programs that are already active on the desktop continue to work fine.

I'm too new to know how to log data for this bug. Please give me or point me to exact instructions (no insider shorthand!) and I'd be glad to try. (I'm not scared to use the terminal--I just don't know my way around yet. I'm a Windows veteran who broke away a month ago.)

Other information, relevant or not: Ubuntu Linux 8.04, Intel Centrino (32 bit), Sony Vaio, nearly daily updates for the last month. This bug began after an update; before that, I was able to use the clock, except that I couldn't get tasks to load.