Comment 39 for bug 806606

Ritesh Khadgaray (khadgaray) wrote :

Customer cannot use gnome-netool to monitor network traffic.

[Development Fix]
This has been fixed in upstream, and precise and above.

[Stable Fix]
mfisch already has posted a package to his ppa with the fix backported from upstream, which seems to have been tested by quite a few users.

Additionally, I have attached a debdiff to this issue.

[Test Case]
* The Mouseover text for tracert textbox should read "Enter the network address to trace route ..." .

* The tooltip for Lookup should say "domain", and not "network address"

* The network tool / ping tab have been resized to display more information

* In :Devices" page, "IP Information" table should be visible.

[Regression Potential]
There is very little potential for regression.