Comment 2 for bug 226745

Murray Cumming (murrayc) wrote :

I believe this was fixed upstream (by me). See bug 218691 which requests an update to the latest upstream version.

I think the fix was in this commit:

2008-04-25 Murray Cumming <email address hidden>

* data/receivers.conf: Add Snapstream Firefly to the list of supported
receivers, as well as the Snapstream_Firefly_R1000 name which appeared
in previous versions of lirc (The change is probably due to Debian or
Note that this is in /usr/share/lirc/remotes/atiusb/atilircd.conf.ati*.

* gnome_lirc_properties/
BackendService.WriteRemoteConfiguration(): When writing Unknown as
the vendor, do not translate it, because strings should not be
translated in configuration files.
* gnome_lirc_properties/ (Receiver.__init__,
RemotesDatabase.find(): Handle Unknown specially for the vendor name,
because the database stores them as None. This fixes the problem that
the chosen remote control was not shown when the vendor was unknown.
RemotesDatabase.check_hardware_settings(): Cope with a None
selected_remote instead of crashing.
* gnome_lirc_properties/ui/
RemoteControlProperties.__restore_hardware_settings(): Print a
clue when the remote control could not be found in our database.