Comment 27 for bug 744929

Steve Bergman (sbergman27) wrote :

I strongly disagree with post #26. It's (yet another) ugly and embarrassing bug in gnome-keyring that badly needs to be fixed. Usually it only asks twice. But sometimes will never let the user in at all. (Before posting this, I entered my gnome-keyring password 20 times before giving up and rebooting.) You can't even shut down normally, since the keyring dialog is modal. It's absolutely insane to say that this doesn't warrant an update.

Fortunately, I don't have any of my customers on natty. But if I had, they'd be on me about fixing it every day. Or to put it another way, if this doesn't get a fix, I'll be reconsidering what distro to use in my business. Not specifically over this bug, but over what it would indicate about policy.