Comment 3 for bug 1703690

Ɓukasz Zemczak (sil2100) wrote :

Hello! Thanks for submitting the bug and patches!

I looked briefly at the provided debdiffs and from the packaging POV they look good. I'm not sure about the contents though. I am not a GNOME developer so I'd like to get some opinion of someone that knows the code and would be able to say if it's the right way to go or not. Did you discuss these changes with the desktop team or anyone from the GNOME uploaders?

Checking the patches I'm a bit worried about a few things. In the gnome-screensaver part, the patch introduces the static function in_desktop() in both gs-lock-plug.c and gs-window-x11.c. I know it's nice to have helper functions like these 'local' but I'm always reluctant whenever I see boilerplate code like this. Maybe it could be made global and somehow shared? I guess it's fine if there's a lot of boilerplate there already, would have to check the codebase.
The gnome-desktop3 part seems good but a little bit hacky. Wonder if this could be done in a more generic way. Maybe it's not possible though...

Anyway, let's get someone from the GNOME people to take a look before we decide about uploading it.