Comment 258 for bug 36812

(In reply to Yan Pas from comment #176)
> I use both Windows and Linux. BTW Many people don't have a choise of the OS
> on their jobs.
> I may provide a patch that would make it available to switch the behaviour
> in the runtime (I guess a line in xorg.conf would be fine). So we don't
> break the standard, people don't need to recompile xorg every time and patch
> developers don't need to adapt the patch.

You should get developers' feedback about this approach first. If they are not willing to merge the patch that works via xorg.conf, you will only waste your time.

From the other hand side, you will probably waste your time anyway.
Developers talk about the "standard", and explicitely suggest sending patches to standard instead of patching xorg (read previous comments). And when such patch for the standard gets attached to this bug report, what happens? Nothing.