Comment 52 for bug 124440

Since the best solution to this seems to be a patch in X.Org and Mir is
currently in the pipeline, is it worth leaving this bug for now and
revisiting it when Mir arrives?

On 6 March 2013 08:31, Daniel van Vugt <email address hidden>wrote:

> Last I checked, mouse scrolling came from discrete up/down button events
> (mouse buttons 4 and 5). So the "configuration" has to happen in the
> code that receives the button 4/5 events and translates them into actual
> scrolling. That is typically the toolkit so I have added another GTK
> task. However that won't resolve it for other toolkits like in Mozilla
> apps. They would have to be fixed separately :(
> A fix-all solution would be to abstract scrolling at a lower level so
> that X(input) just gave you "scroll up/down by some amount". Only with a
> universal solution implemented in X could you configure scroll speed for
> all apps in one place. Does such a thing exist yet?...
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> Title:
> Ubuntu needs a way to set mouse scrolling speed
> Status in GNOME Control Center:
> Unknown
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> Unknown
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> Confirmed
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> Triaged
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> Confirmed
> Bug description:
> This has been driving me nuts for a while now. The scroll wheel on my
> desktop mouse (it's an MS wireless optical mouse model 1008) scrolls
> rather fast. Instead of moving a few lines, it scrolls half a page or
> more with a very gentle scroll. The bluetooth mouse I use with my
> laptop does not do this so it's probably somewhat hardware specific.
> However, I'm wondering if there is a way to modify the speed or
> sensitivity. I found an answer here from about a year ago
> ( that suggests
> there isn't a way but I'm wondering if anything has changed since
> then. I've also skimmed through synaptic but didn't see anything
> promising (like gsynaptic for touchpads).
> Thanks.
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