Commandline parameter xid doesn't work well

Bug #820119 reported by jherazob on 2011-08-03
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gnash (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

In trying to get a swf file as a screensaver with xscreensaver i've stumbled into this. Xscreensaver lets you use any program as a screensaver, as long as it can write to the window specified in the environment variable $XSCREENSAVER_WINDOW, given to the process to be started as a saver, which corresponds to gnash's "--xid" parameter. But when gnash was set up as a saver it failed to work, screen went black but the file was being played as evidenced by the audio running as expected.

So, to test if it was xscreensaver or gnash, i did this:
* Ran a "hello world" style pygtk program (in particular, this one from the official documentation: It opens a blank GTK window titled "" that stays there until closed and does nothing else.
* Obtained the id of the "base" blank window with xwininfo (it gave me the id in hex, "0xsomehexnumber")
* Ran "gnash --xid 0xsomehexnumber somefile.swf"
Result: Gnash opened it's own window anyway, ignoring the "base" one and the parameter. When i gave the same window id to mplayer it played a videoclip on the base window without trouble. When i closed the "base" window gnash kept running unperturbed.

Decided to test if it expected the id in decimal and not hex. Tested like this:
* Ran the same pygtk script, obtained the id of the "base" window with "xwininfo -int", which gives me the same info but in decimal instead of hex.
* Fed it to gnash as --xid
* gnash didn't open it's own window and seemed to be running, with the audio playing, but the "base" window stayed blank.
* Once again gave the same decimal id to mplayer and it played a clip on the "base" window.
* Closing the "base" window resulted in gnash exiting with an error, which seems to indicate that it attached to the "base" window successfully, but didn't show anything on it.

This is the stock gnash 0.8.8-5ubuntu1 on Maverick, no extra patches, no PPAs and nothing unusual as far as gnash is concerned, but i also tried to use gnash with xscreensaver on Natty earlier, with the same blank screen results, which suggests that the bug also manifests on 11.04.

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