Comment 5 for bug 123706

Tim Smith (auxiliary.chipmunk) wrote :

Hi Everyone, yep me too.

I am running Kubuntu Fiesty, and have adobe flash player working, I can watch google vids and Youtube and Peekvid and whole host of other things.But myspace doesn't always work.

 i suspect it is a failing on their part (myspace) not on the part of the flash software or the brouser or even the opperationg system, also a lot of the videos that are "broken" are the ones that really should not be there. For example the Transformers film, it is not out yet! and some episodes of sar trek etc..

it may just be me but I can veiw the ones that are obviously made by the person who uploaded it but cannot see the ones that I shouldn't be able to. If I am wrong please post. Also could. anyone try on windows or apple?

this is video I can see (home made)

this is video I cannot (copywrited)

If I am correct Myspace just is not telling you that this video is not avail any more.

the address of the site is