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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1961697: Transaction ID collisions cause slow DNS lookups in getaddrinfo Medium Confirmed 13 weeks

From: KJ Tsanaktsidis
Link: resolv-txnid-collision.patch

upstream patch with conflicts resolved for 2.27

Bug #1771109: Domain names containing emoji characters are not supported in console applications Undecided New 210 weeks

From: augeus
Link: gen-tables-from-iana.patch


Bug #1751230: libc_bin package broken Undecided New 222 weeks

From: John Bester
Link: libc-bin_2.23-0ubuntu10_amd64.deb

dep package rebuilt without postinst

Bug #1736744: [patch] support bindresvport.blacklist outside of /etc Undecided New 233 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: local-bindresvport_blacklist.diff

updated local-bindresvport_blacklist.diff

Bug #284672: pthread_mutex_timedlock segfault on multi-proc x86_64 Medium Triaged 710 weeks

From: Gavin Scott
Link: lowlevellock-x86_64.diff


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