Comment 7 for bug 90004

Andrew J. Ford (andrewford) wrote :

I found a solution in a pretty weird manner. I was going to back up my personal data onto a new HD and install Gusty from live CD as opposed to upgrading. As I rebooted, I was forced to do a manual fsck because it detected a bad file system. After looking at the partition, it was clear that my original HD had something wrong with it. After clearing out a bad inode, I discovered that somehow libdv in /usr/lib was corrupted. This is what was causing ldconfig to core dump; for me anyway.

If you are still having this problem, try booting into single user mode and running a manual fsck. I chose just to clear whatever node was detected as a problem (clearing it will be the default option in fsck). Please back up any data onto a separate media that you are afraid of losing before doing this though.