Comment 42 for bug 81057

Tharakan (tharakan) wrote :

RESOLVED (for me).

I had this same bug troubling me in this 10.04 install (WUBI) installed only a month back. The apt-get update works, but for some reason, the flashplugin-installer (when installing flash download from adoboe), resolved -> which was very annoying.

The way I solved this is that I updated /etc/resolv.conf with Google's nameserver (on first priority).

So i put this line as the first line in /etc/resolv.conf

(... and then everything else was kept the same).

running apt-get after this worked flawlessly, and since i didn't want to do round-trips to Google, I removed that first line after this update was installed successfully.

Hope this helps... (It still doesn't explain why it all happened in the first place).