Comment 2 for bug 81057

Mac (mac-jones) wrote :

Actiontec GT701-WG DSL Modem has a dumb DNS issue. When you try to connect to a website from a computer running Linux, you may see "Trying" in the status bar and a failure to resolve the hostname.

The router, which runs busybox Linux, has a DNS server program called dproxy that has a bug that exhibits itself when you try to resolve hosts from a Linux machine with IPv6 turned on. Unfortunately, you cannot disable the dproxy program and the router always sends its own IP address as the nameserver to a client that obtains an IP address via DHCP.

Well, you could hard-code the nameservers on your computer or router that connects to the DSL modem. But here is a solution that I came up with two years ago for hard-coding the nameservers into the DSL modem itself.