Comment 4 for bug 1867675

ok; "success" - the problem is solved when installing libseccomp 2.4.3. Unfortunately, that version is not available on Ubuntu versions < 20.03 (

So for debugging, I installed the package from the ubuntu 20.03 repository.

What it comes down to (IIUC);

The container we're running (ubuntu:20.03) makes a syscall that's introduced in Linux 5.x, but docker in this case is running on a 4.x kernel (the host is Ubuntu 16.04). The version of libseccomp installed on the host is not taking kernel 5.x syscalls into account, receives an error, and (likely) in that case blocks the syscall, because a whitelist is used.

Solutions for this would be to;

- ask Ubuntu and Debian package maintainers to provide libseccomp 2.4.3 packages for older (LTS) releases. It's a patch release, so possibly acceptable for them. On the other hand; it's adding "features" for a kernel version that's not used by those versions of Ubuntu / Debian.
- somehow make libseccomp handle "unknown" syscalls, and perhaps allow them (instead of blocking)? (not exactly sure how it's handling these, so I'd have to read up on that); probably that's the same (similar) as changing our "whitelist" to a "blacklist" (which could weaken security)