libresolv res_init() does not correctly inititalize internals

Bug #1432378 reported by Joshua Rogers on 2015-03-15
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glibc (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

As reported here:

The bug, however, is not in the sourceware sourcecode, but in the Ubuntu one.;a=blob;f=resolv/res_libc.c;h=ee3fa2114b7051b86f6f9676f1151d1435dedb9d;hb=HEAD#l97

Contrary to what one would think, res_init() does not correctly inititialize the internals for further use by the libresolv family, and others.

When you call res_init(), it correctly "keeps" these:

        if (!_res.retrans)
                _res.retrans = RES_TIMEOUT;
        if (!_res.retry)
                _res.retry = 4;
        if (!(_res.options & RES_INIT))
                _res.options = RES_DEFAULT;
        else if (_res.nscount > 0)
                __res_iclose (&_res, true); /* Close any VC sockets. */

then calls __res_vinit():

        return (__res_vinit(&_res, 1));

However, programs that use the libresolv family and others, use the hidden function, "__res_maybe_init".

__res_maybe_init determines if res_init(__res_vinit()) needs to be called or not.

It does this:

        static time_t last_mtime;
        struct stat statbuf;
        int ret;

        if (resp->options & RES_INIT) {
                ret = stat (_PATH_RESCONF, &statbuf);
                __libc_lock_lock (lock);
                if ((ret == 0) && (last_mtime != statbuf.st_mtime)) {
                        last_mtime = statbuf.st_mtime;
                        atomicinc (__res_initstamp);
                __libc_lock_unlock (lock);
                if (__res_initstamp != resp->_u._ext.initstamp) {
                        if (resp->nscount > 0)
                                __res_iclose (resp, true);
                        return __res_vinit (resp, 1);
                return 0;

Since the internals have been initialized by res_init(), we don't need to reinitalize, normally. The program checks if we do need to reinitalize, such as due to the change in modifcation date of /etc/resolv.conf.

However, "last_mtime" is never set when using res_init(), so upon the first run of __res_maybe_init(), it will always run __res_vinit(). This will wipe all changes except for the ones that are kept, mentioned above.

"last_mtime" should be taken into consideration and handled, when calling res_init().

(for reference)
Only these are kept on res_init(), and thus are only kept with the first call to __res_maybe_init:
        int retrans; /* retransmition time interval */
        int retry; /* number of times to retransmit */
        u_long options; /* option flags - see below. */

These are wiped, due to this bug:

        int nscount; /* number of name servers */
        struct sockaddr_in
                nsaddr_list[MAXNS]; /* address of name server */
# define nsaddr nsaddr_list[0] /* for backward compatibility */
        u_short id; /* current message id */
        /* 2 byte hole here. */
        char *dnsrch[MAXDNSRCH+1]; /* components of domain to search */
        char defdname[256]; /* default domain (deprecated) */
        u_long pfcode; /* RES_PRF_ flags - see below. */
        unsigned ndots:4; /* threshold for initial abs. query */
        unsigned nsort:4; /* number of elements in sort_list[] */
        unsigned ipv6_unavail:1; /* connecting to IPv6 server failed */

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apport-collect 1432378

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Joshua Rogers (megamansec) wrote :

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Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
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Joshua Rogers (megamansec) wrote :


res_init() does not correctly initialize the _res struct.

The code:

        if(_res.options & RES_INIT) {
                printf("RES_INIT set.\n");
        } else {
                printf("RES_INIT not set.\n");

outputs "RES_INIT set." correctly, and that bit is set. res_init() does all of its setting through res_init.c,;a=blob;f=resolv/res_init.c;h=66561ffac2ffc039707676ed8b4bf36ee50ee889;hb=HEAD#l151
That's all fine and dandy. -- (The actual resetting happens through the function __res_vinit())

However, res_init() neglects to set things that the ubuntu-specific eglibc requires for it to be a valid struct, such as the last modified time of /etc/resolv.conf -- "last_mtime".
Thus, the first call to res_query() resets the _res struct, effectively making any changes before it and after the original res_init(), useless.

As we can see in res_data.c,;a=blob;f=resolv/res_data.c;h=81c9ae5bfd7ef71ebb986b5c9572c1859684ba39;hb=HEAD#l185 , res_query() calls __res_maybe_init (), which decides whether we need to re-call res_init() or not.
In the comments for that __res_maybe_init() function:
/* Initialize resp if RES_INIT is not yet set or if res_init in some other
   thread requested re-initializing. */

On the first run of __res_maybe_init()[thus, effectively, res_query), it will always call __res_vinit(), because res_init() does not set the 'last_mtime'. -- That's because the last_mtime is an Ubuntu-specific feature, likely added for security reasons.

   >>>>>> if ((ret == 0) && (last_mtime != statbuf.st_mtime)) { <<<<<<<
                        last_mtime = statbuf.st_mtime;
                        atomicinc (__res_initstamp);
                __libc_lock_unlock (lock);
                if (__res_initstamp != resp->_u._ext.initstamp) {
                        if (resp->nscount > 0)
                                __res_iclose (resp, true);
                        return __res_vinit (resp, 1);

even shorter tl;dr:
'last_mtime' is an ubuntu-specific feature added to eglibc's resolv library, which is only set inside the __res_maybe_init() function.
When calling res_init(), it does not set 'last_mtime', as that uses __res_vinit(), not __res_maybe_init().
When calling res_query() for the first time, all the changes made to the _res struct are wiped, with the exception of int retrans, int retry, u_long options. This is because res_query uses __res_maybe_init(), which will reset _res if 'last_mtime' has not been set(or is old)

A quick fix is to replace __res_vinit()'s usage within the res_query() function with __res_maybe_init(), which takes the exact same parameters.

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