Comment 17 for bug 86843

Maximinus (max-thrax) wrote :

I've been wanting a solution for this for some time, since it would be nice to be able to not only log in by swiping my finger, but get to the network management dialog with it - since I use my laptop at home and at work, needing to change network profiles between the two.

I've just been looking through the bug on sudo ( and noticed that "Sudo 1.6.9p9 now localizes 'Password: ' before checking against the PAM prompt. Furthermore, a new sudoers option, passprompt_override exists to force the sudo prompt to be used regardless. This option is now set by default if the -p flag is specified."

I'm not expert on this stuff, but it sounds to me as though passprompt_override could well be the basis for an updated, working gksu(do) without needing to manually patch and compile anything (sudo or pam modules) to perform workarounds. Could somebody please confirm this, and if it is indeed the case, let us all know when we might be able to expect the updated sudo and fixed gksu(do) to be released into the Ubuntu repositories?