Comment 12 for bug 24280

But putting a color chooser or making a beautiful theme for user and
root not is the solution.

When we access to admin utils with gksu, We must see the same theme
that the user, not the root theme!!

The problem not is make the user and root themes equals by default. If
I change the theme with black background in the widgets, when i launch
synaptic with gktsu i don't want to see the white background if the
root have configured in his theme.

On 2/21/07, Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen <email address hidden> wrote:
> A fix that would prevent lots of problem is to update the default theme
> (Human) to support color-schemes. I believe the main reason people
> install different themes is because they don't like the colors. (not
> that the default colors are wrong, its just that different people like
> different colors).
> In any case, for the look and feel, this bug really should be fixed. It
> is in any case weird that it doesn't look in ~/.themes while it does use
> the user's ~/.gtkrc ..
> --
> locally installed gtk themes not applied to admin apps