Comment 0 for bug 24280


A) User finds spiffy (or totally hideous) theme online and loves it.

B) User installs theme and uses it.

C) User selects any sudo-required admin app and is greeted with the default GTK


1) Live with it and wait until GTK uses a nice default theme (dapper + 1 if
we're lucky?). Is this even good enough?

2) Stick the user $HOME/.themes directories into whatever path gtk uses to find
themes so the admin apps match the user apps no matter what awful creation the
user might be imposing upon [him|her]self.

3) Be smart enough to know if a theme is not available and fallback to the
default Human theme or something along those lines... basically just do anything
to avoid showing it un-themed.

4) Create a new theme specifically for use with apps that require sudo priv.
Use this theme at all times. Maybe make it an /etc setting somewhere for people
that can't stand it and "must" change it for whatever reason.