Comment 28 for bug 23917

I had and I have any more the same Problem, but I recognized the the following.
I think, this could be interessting for solving the problem.
I opend a xterm as a normal user called "trebor" and then I give it:

trebor@PC-name:~$ su
root@PC-name:/home/trebor# "nautilus --browser --no-desktop"

(nautilus:26319): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager:
Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.

The effect was, that I could not change rwx of a file in the nautilus-browser !!!!!
Strange, because I am "root" - or not ??

After that I tried this:
root@PC-name:/home/trebor# sudo "nautilus --browser --no-desktop"
Initializing nautilus-share extension
Initializing gnome-mount extension
seahorse nautilus module initialized
Initializing nautilus-clamscan extension
Nautilus-Share-Message: REFRESHING SHARES
Nautilus-Share-Message: ------------------------------------------
Nautilus-Share-Message: spawn arg "net"
Nautilus-Share-Message: spawn arg "usershare"
Nautilus-Share-Message: spawn arg "info"
Nautilus-Share-Message: end of spawn args; SPAWNING

Nautilus-Share-Message: returned from spawn: SUCCESS:
Nautilus-Share-Message: exit code 0
Nautilus-Share-Message: caller wants GKeyFile
Nautilus-Share-Message: success from calling net usershare and parsing its output
Nautilus-Share-Message: ------------------------------------------
Now I got the rights to change rwx of a file in the file-browser!
What is going on?

Is there sombody, could help us? We will be delighted !!
with best wishes