Comment 65 for bug 539708

Still only ghostscript-8.71-1.fc12 showing on yum update. Tried to install ghostscript-8.71-2.fc12.i686.rpm manually but got the same error which meant I had to completely uninstall ghostscript and dependencies first :-

sudo rpm -Uvh /data/ghostscript-8.71-2.fc12.i686.rpm
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by ghostscript-8.71-2.fc12.i686 is needed by (installed) libspectre-0.2.3-1.fc12.i686

sudo yum provides /usr/lib/

ghostscript-8.70-2.fc12.i686 : A PostScript interpreter and renderer.
Repo : installed
Matched from:
Other : Provides-match: /usr/lib/

Which has nothing to do with libspectre. 8.70-1 installs fine. Should 8.70-2 really be checking for ?

rpm -qlp /data/ghostscript-8.71-2.fc12.i686.rpm | grep libgs